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               Are You Prepared?

Being prepared is about a person taking responsibility for them self short of an extinction event.They do not rely on the government to rescue them. A Prepper is a person or group of people that get ready for and prepare for a long term desaster. Whether it is a simple paper cut, a storm, an accident or the financial collapse as we seen back in 2008, a prepper or survivalist is prepared for most situations.  

Our mission is simple: Educate and encourage all people to prepare for any type of emergency that can occur, keeping people safe and reducing the reliance on government assistance.

Preppers Asylum was conceptualized when we started to assemble our own Emergency Disaster Kit and survival supplies. That is when we realized it was not easy! There was not one single place where we could get everything needed to supply ourselves in the case of a disaster. We discussed this with a representative at FEMA, the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency, and they provided us with free books about how to prepare, and what to prepare, but we had to do all the legwork ourselves. In discussing this with friends and neighbors, we found that nobody was preparing because it was so TOO MUCH BOTHER! The general consensus was that in an emergency, the government (FEMA and the Red Cross) would take care of us by dispensing food and water and arranging for emergency shelters out of harm's way.

Consider the aftermath of Hurricanes Hugo, Katrina and Sandy, or the recent flooding in Texas. There are folks running from the wildfires in Canada, earthquakes in South America and the terror attacks around the world. The list of both manmade and natural disasters is long. It can take days or weeks for the government to mobilize their forces and send help. In the resulting chaos, supplies are scarce resulting in looting and mayhem. Advance preparation is the key to stay safe.   

Not everyone can or will prepare in advance for an emergency.  But you can. Preppers Asylum is your one stop shop to get your readiness supplies. We carry food, tents, bedding, camp stoves and fuel for cooking, necessary tools, knives, flashlights and sanitary needs and supplies. If we don't carry it we can probably find it for you!

When it comes time to "Bug Out" (or "Hunker Down") somewhere, when thousands of people are staying in overcrowded shelters or in football arenas, don't be caught off guard like so many others. Let Preppers Asylum help fill your needs.

Are You Prepared?

Joe Macaluso has had the privilege of being raised by a WWII vet. Joe was taught how to handle a gun, shoot straight, capture avoidance, bush-crafting, skilled in hand tools, Etc. Joe has years of back packing, skydiver, rock climbing and repelling, and the love of the great outdoors and helping others to survive in it.

Mary Macaluso is a RN with over 40 years experience in Tauma, Emergency Room Treatment. Mary love the passion of Camping, and teaching others about survival and disaster preparedness.